Ali Idrissa

Ali Idrissa


Ali Idrissa is a Nigerien Human Rights Defender and anti-corruption activist who has dedicated his life to ensuring that natural resources are managed in the interest of and for the benefit of the people of Niger.

He is committed to help resolve the so-called ‘resource-curse’: bad governance of public resources. While Niger’s uranium lights the Eiffel Tower and one in three households in France, ninety percent of the households in Niger don’t have access to electricity. His ‘Don’t touch my uranium’ campaign has mobilised communities, artists, parliamentarians, (international) civil society to campaign for good governance in the gas, oil and mining sector, particularly of the French nuclear giant Areva. While still continuing his work has resulted in a new Mining Code (2006), a new constitution (2010) that states that natural resources belong to the people and fierce contractual renegotiations between 2013 and 2015.     

While Niger has a dynamic and engaged civil society the context has been tainted by political instability, intimidation, harassment and arrest. As the result of a recent multi-million-dollar corruption scandal called ‘Uraniumgate’, Ali Idrissa and other leaders of civil society have filed a legal complaint against X to force the authorities to investigate. This has intensified the threats and Ali Idrissa’s mobility is now restricted and he has received support for increased security measures for him and his young family. While Ali Idrissa has made sacrifices he has also committed to not give up.    

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