Cordelia Foundation

Cordelia Foundation


The Cordelia Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Torture Victims has been providing comprehensive psycho-social support to asylum-seekers and refugees in Hungary since 1996.

In absence of an effective state mechanism to address this issue, Cordelia is the only organisation in Hungary providing such care to asylum-seekers and refugees. The current asylum situation in Hungary is very volatile, fast-changing and increasingly difficult for asylum-seekers and organisations working with them. This is mostly due to the Hungarian government’s measures, which since 2015 include: the construction of a fence along the Southern border, the criminalisation of crossing the border fence illegally and the closing of all open asylum centres. An additional difficulty Cordelia has to face is that nationally distributed EU grants are withheld by the Ministry of Interior.

The focus of Cordelia’s work is to identify and provide adequate treatment primarily to survivors of torture, rape or other extreme forms of violence. Cordelia’s psychiatrists, psychologists and non-verbal therapists provide asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of international protection with individual, group, family, verbal and non-verbal therapies and, if required, psychiatric treatment.

The expert staff of the Foundation has developed and adopted several cutting-edge methods to combat the mental health problems of their beneficiaries the most effectively. These therapies include individual psychotherapies (such as cognitive therapies, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy), and various forms of family- and group therapies (like therapies combining elements of art, music, movement and psychodrama).

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