Angélica Choc

Angélica Choc


Angélica Choc fights for the rights of the indigenous population of Guatemala. She pursues justice for the indigenous women of Q’eqchi whose fundamental rights have been violated.

Together with her community, she has been reclaiming the right to their ancestral land and protesting against the Fenix mine, one of the largest nickel mines in the country. Despite the risks she faces, Angélica Choc has been speaking out against human rights violations and has sought justice both at national and international levels for the murder of her husband, Adolfo Ich Charmán.

Her fight has been carried out both in a Guatemalan court and in a Canadian court (Ontario), Angélica Choc aims to help stop the impunity of company security guards and members of the National Civil Police (PNC) who raped 11 women in January 2007. Her example has inspired other women in her region, who are now starting a process against those whom they hold responsible for the rape that they have suffered. The struggle of Angélica Choc benefits all Guatemalan justice, as she is testing it from the lower ranks of society. This approach is attracting attention and action from the national and international community to the problem of impunity.

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