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El Nadim Centre

El Nadim Centre

El Nadim Centre is an Egyptian independent NGO founded in 1993 by four physicians to provide support to survivors of violence and torture. 

At present, the most serious and politically salient human rights issues in Egypt are arbitrary detentions and violations of due process; abuses by security forces including torture and mistreatment in detention facilities; and the restrictions placed on civil society. Due to the fact that talking about personal psychological problems is still a taboo in Egypt, the work of the El Nadim Centre is of vital importance for the mental wellbeing of victims of torture. El Nadim, established in August 1993, is the only centre in Egypt which provides specialized psychological support to survivors of violence in detention centres. The centre serves an average of 400 new clients per year.

The organization runs two programs; a torture rehabilitation program and a violence against women program. In addition to the psychological support offered, the organization also provides: social support; referral to other medical disciplines when needed; training on social and occupational reintegration; advocacy on behalf of its clients as well as broader advocacy against torture and violence proposing legislative amendments and demanding accountability for the perpetrators.

Due to the ongoing politically repressive climate in Egypt, the organization is threatened with closure by the Egyptian government.


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